Video Marketing: Your Video Is Your Brand

Video Marketing: Your Video Is Your Brand

Video marketing should be a key component of your overall marketing plan.

Surveys show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses or brands they support.

But before you jump in head first creating videos for your company, remember that the execution of your video is just as important any other piece of content you create.

Creating a lousy marketing video can create a negative perception of your brand.

Think about it. If your video looks sloppy, what message is that sending to your customers or potential customers?

Isn't it possible they will see your company as the type that produces low quality work?

So, let's talk about a few things that make for a sloppy marketing video.

Shaky Video

I'm sure you've seen this over and over on your Facebook feed. Someone posts a video that is so shaky and unstable; you can't focus on what's happening. It's a distraction.

There will be viewers who are genuinely interested in what you're trying to say or show in your video. But, for some, the distraction will be too much to deal with, and they will move on to something better.

A good marketing video has to be as free of distractions as possible.

Eliminate shaky, unstable videos by using a tripod or having someone with steady hands hold the camera.

Bad Audio

Another distraction for viewers is terrible audio.

Again, consider the viewer. If they can't hear what you're saying clearly, what's the point of watching?

Remember, no one wants to expend lots of mental energy trying to listen carefully to your marketing video. Make it easy for them by ensuring that your audio is loud and clear.

If you're using the onboard microphone on your phone or camera, you will need to keep it as close to you as you can to make sure it picks up your dialogue.

If you want to have even better audio, invest in an external microphone. There are tons of mics of various price points (and quality) on Amazon that will plug into your phone or camera.

Bad Editing

So, you have shot beautiful, steady footage, your audio is clean and audible, don't ruin all those efforts by doing a lousy job editing!

"Oh, wait! You mean I have to edit it?"

Yes. Please, do yourself a favor and edit your footage.

Cut out the parts where you went way off-topic. Cut out the long pauses while you figured out precisely the right way to make your point. Cut out everything except the core message of your video.

Marketing videos that have forward momentum and flow well will always outperform a listless, scattered message.

So, now you know you need to edit, but what is a bad edit?

A bad edit for a marketing video is again all about distractions.

By making abrupt cuts in your video that are jarring and interrupt the flow, you may be distracting some viewers, which will cause them to abandon your video.

Jump cuts are a popular editing style for a lot of YouTubers, but they haven't been embraced just yet in a business setting. Maybe it's a generational difference?

Either way, it's best to keep jump cuts to a minimum in your marketing video in favor of more smooth transitions like a crossfade or slide transition.

So that's it! Keep these three aspects in mind as you create your video marketing, and you will ensure a better image for your company in the process.

If all of this seems like too much to worry about or too time-consuming, you can always reach out to us. We help businesses and brands of all sizes create compelling marketing videos according to their individual needs.

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